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Trademark Design builds powerful brands, initiating intelligent business solutions based on strategic decisions from research and analysis. Through a structured synthesis of skilled design disciplines, we deliver style and a unique visual language for now and into the future. Our innovations optimise your brand to maximise stakeholder value.

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What we do
Brand Research and Analysis

Trademark Design conducts research and audits the current and past status of your brand to establish a clear understanding and insight of your project, competitors and the market. This will measure history, strengths and weaknesses and brand equity, and will identify potential opportunities. Analysis will measure the results with appropriate tools for each project, in order to provide a target to position and optimise your brand for now and into the future.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy crystalises the results of research and analysis, to position your brand with decisive advantages and create a positioning platform from which to focus your unique point of difference. This includes the value offer and its positioning potential.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is designed to uplift best business methods and support stakeholders to optimise your brand’s results. Our skill is to design structures that best serve the brand to achieve the goals and visions of the corporation in current and future conditions, building in flexible tolerances to accommodate the ever changing markets.

Visual Identity

Creation of the brand and/or corporate visual identity embodies the essence of your entire brand or corporation in one simple design. It is a mnemonic device that is recognised with a blink of the eye, expressing your entire corporations’ aspirations and visions. It has a point of difference that will set you apart from competitors. The visual language of the identity is determined by memorable, meaningful, powerful, design that embodies the brand’s character and positioning, enhanced with symbology, colour, graphic and typographic nuances. The design must consider all reproduction mediums of application and ensure that crisp quality is achieved at every touch point.

Packaging Design

Packaging design interacts with all the senses. It is three dimensional, can be seen, heard, felt and smelt and has the power to attract consumers to make an intuitive purchase decision within seconds. Natural and manufactured products have a level of appeal to consumer who’s choice is vast. Packaging is an extension or focus of a brand. Products are available in numerous different sizes, languages and containers and are identified by familiar mnemonic device and are characterised by colour. Form and size have an important role in most categories of packaging. Packaging design must compete with similar products for price and shelf space. Fast moving consumer goods have favoured colours, while small packages attempt to stack and spread on shelf to achieve a "gestalt" effect.

Brand Management Tools

The world’s most advanced brand technology.

Compliance is everything. Brand strength is exponentially multiplied when the visual language is applied in compliance to the brand design standards locally, nationally and globally. Brands are as strong as the control of the applications. The larger your organisation, the more diverse the locations, the more difficult it becomes to ensure every application is compliant to the brand design standards. Consider who rolls out your brand, are you sure that every time an item is created it is 100% compliant? If not, we have the solution.

Design and Application - D’nA’s advanced technology is the most productive, patented, automated application tool available worldwide on the web. A simple example, a single Genius Template re-sizes, re-proportions and re-formats a branded campaign to fit every size in every publication and poster/billboard in the world and cuts origination and material costs by a monstrous 90% of convential fees and is 100% brand compliant, for any medium or application.


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