The files in your PC are now encrypted. The only way to have them back, is to pay a ransom of 100.00$.

How to pay

You have to pay the ransom in bitcoins to the address 1KUhJw4QGoLxd1VwNge4Y7bMP19rpjryrB which has been reserved for you. Please note that the value of bitcoin is unstable and may change in the near future. The current amount of bitcoin to pay is 0.85 bitcoins (worth 100.00$).

How to buy bitcoins

Buying bitcoin is easy, just follow the instructions:
  1. register here
  2. deposit funds using a credit card or through bank transfer
  3. withdraw 0.85 bitcoins to 1KUhJw4QGoLxd1VwNge4Y7bMP19rpjryrB
  4. wait the transaction to be completed (it usually takes less than two hours)
  5. if your files are not decrypted automatically, please write to with the subject HELP, sending the bitcoin address you paid to (1KUhJw4QGoLxd1VwNge4Y7bMP19rpjryrB). You can also spam this mailbox with useless stuff or wishing me death, so that mail sent from people who actually need help wont be read.

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