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Trademark Design | Corporate & Brand Identity | Future thinking brand development group
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Art Steinhobel

Design flows through in a stylised monogram to provide a personal touch to every product created by Art Steinhobel. The applications shown here are a mere morsel of the branding projects the company is engaged in.

Every new product development that comes on stream is treated with the same attention to detail and branding controls. This involves being mindful of the best reproduction available for different materials and technologies.

We chose black and white as the simplest pure form to allow translation onto any material, be it moulded in the die casting mould, embossing and printing. Careful consideration has been given to the negative areas of the logo to ensure precise reproduction.

Steinhobel Design is an industrial design and product development consultancy which serves diverse industries namely electronic, packaging, appliances / white goods, mining, medical, furniture, pharmaceutical, automotive, sports equipment, information technology products and many others. These clients span Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Incorporating different materials and technologies allows for effective crosspollination of technology transfer in the design solutions. This also allows for a high level of lateral thinking in the process of creating innovative product development with the appropriate material or combination of materials and technologies.

The studio has in-depth experience of plastic injection moulding design, pressure die-cast aluminium design, extrusion design and bottle / container design.The company uses the highest level of technological equipment available to execute the design process, it is a combination of Siemens NX | Catia CAD SEATS/interfacing with CAM computer modelling and other systems.

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